Blog page deleted from server but still shows up on a facebook share


Not sure where to ask this question. But I set up a blog using RW 637 and OS 10.11.2 and made typo in the title. I published the page and then saw the error which I immediately corrected. All looked good. But in using the Share ability of Facebook the page with the error displayed and not the changed page with the correct title. After doing restarts, deletes, etc I did more drastic things trying to fix the problem.

I deleted the initial page from the hosting server; I renamed the blog page and published it. Now the Share in Facebook displays the corrected title. But that is with the new page.

Even though I deleted the page with the typo from the hosting server, if I enter the url of that page in a browser I get a 404 error, which I expect, But if I enter that url in a share on Facebook, it still displays!

Does anyone know why that is? I thought deleting the url from the hosting server would take care of it, but it does not. Why was it not removed from the internet by my deletion?

Help! Thank you!

@desert99mac99, did you remove the share on Facebook and all references to it?

It could be a caching issue on Facebook… You should not have had to delete the original page, a simple update should get transferred to the via internet caching eventually I believe, not 100% sure on that though.

Hope that helps

Brad Halstead,


How do you delete all references to the shares on Facebook? I do not see a way to do that? And if the problem is Facebook it is at the macro level because 3 different devices end up with the same problem - that is, all show the old “deleted” page as active. Very strange.

In terms of your response about not having to delete the original page, I agree 100% - I was reaching because I did not believe that the original page should be there. It should have been over-written with my first correction. So in my mind Facebook is the logical culprit and has created a cache somewhere. The bigger picture if that is true is: Do corrections ever get in if the original mistake still exists?! And does a share in Facebook ever show any corrections?

Thanks for your response on a holiday.

Hi @desert99mac99

Depends on how many people shared your Blog page, but you should be able to go into Facebook and delete them on places where you posted them. As for their caching system, I suspect it is a simple screenshot and don’t know if it gets updated over time or not. But by people clicking on the share (even with typo), they should get directed to your blog regardless unless the page name changed.

Mental note to myself… double, triple spell check Blog entires :slight_smile: