Blue dot next to page title

What is the significance of this. I have a page that will not publish new materials and it DOES NOT have the blue dot.

Blue dot means you made changes to the page since last published.

Thanks. I have actually hit publish this page multiple times and I get the pop up that says it is published. Any ideas less dramatic than republishing the entire site. This is happening because this page finishes a bunch of things and I am about to take a vacation!

The page might be updating correctly, but you’re not seeing your changes because you are seeing a version cached by your web browser. Safari is pretty aggressive about that.

Try viewing the site with a different browser, or post an URL and mention one of the changes you’re not seeing and we’ll check to see if the change is actually publishing.

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What Don said about caching is probably it… unless you added something to the page that changed it from html to php, that could be a factor as well. And, to note, if you made any global changes, you will have to republish all.
But check the cache first.

I actually did this. Checked on 2 computers 2 iOS devices and chrome.

Does the publishing complete without error?

Are you making styling changes or content (text) changes?

Are you using Cloudflare or similar caching services?

Did you add any new stacks that may have changes the page type from HTML to PHP?

If you want to make a small text change and post a link to the page, we can probably narrow down the issue for you.

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I am not good at knowing how to send things like this.

Screenshot from iPad

All the stacks that are used for the purchasing are used on two other pages on the website that work perfectly. I can actually make purchases from here, I just cannot publish.


Cathie, you can’t post images to the forum by replying to posts via email. You’ll need to go to the forum with a web browser to post them.

URL and description of a change you’re not seeing?

URL = link. Post your link so we can help :slight_smile:

Sorry - since the page does not publish, there is no url for the page.

Are you getting an error when you publish?

You have not mentioned getting an error; only that you do not see the changes.

What is the url you are going to to check for the changes?

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Do you have it checked to show? Did you add the page and not republish all?

sometimes you just have to re publish…in my case I’ve had to go to my domain server and erase all the pages from there and then republish

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