Blog permalink, categories and Greek characters

Hello from Greece.
I am using macos Sierra and Rapidweaver 7.1.4

I have tried to use permalinks and categories for my blog entries, using Greek characters, since my webpage is targetting Greek audience.
I observed that when I use accented characters like “υπαγόρευση” instead of “υπαγορευση” in the permalink name, the links to the blogpost pages “break” leading to a “Not found” page.
Furthermore, when I use any greek characters in the blog categories the category html page that gets automatically created comes with a name with strange characters.
Does anyone know if it is a General bug in Rapidweaver Blog Page, or is it a version related bug?

Hi, @happymacgr,

Please, see these recent discussions on missing non-standard characters:

Hopefully, one or more of those threads will answer your questions…