TITLE Tag not encoded in blogs pages?

Could it be that TITLE Tags in latest RW version are not encoded properly in blog pages?
I see all my Umlauts not encoded after uploading.

All Umlauts in Meta Tags are encoded correcty, but within TITLE Tags not… looks like a bug @dan

Hi @jakobssystems. I can’t seem to replicate this here. Could you send a sample project (as well as the site export output) to support@realmacsoftware.com please, and include a link to this thread?

Thank you for your rapid answer, yes of course. Here we are:

  1. Download sample RW Project https://cloud.jakobssystems.de/u/tom/rw/rw-test.zip
  2. Publish to local folder
  3. Open index.html in /blog folder with your fav HTML Editor
  4. compare META Tags and TITLE Tags, one is correct the other not

if uploaded on Linux hosts with different languages this creates the crypted titles as seen above.

P.S. I am moving my Website from one server to another, so it is possible that DNS is still pointing to my old server if you try to open my site: https://ul-fluglehrer.de

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Hm, I can see the difference but it’s not causing an issue here. Can you send me the theme you’re using please? (Send it to me privately on here, or by email to support@realmacsoftware.com)

Hi Simon, you’ve got mail :wink:

My DNS is back so if you would like to see live:

Dear Rapidweaver Team, this problem still is unresolved. Today I found same error in other themes aswell. To me Rapidweaver does not encode Umlauts and other special characters like §, &, or € in all Title and Headers. This happend today when trying to update another website https://hangarbox.de

Take a look on the H3 header “Mehr Zeit für’s Wesentliche”…

In Preview on the local (german) machine this Umlaut is correct…

but on the Webserver it is not…

After checking the sources the culprit is found!
Headers and title tags are not encoded though paragraphs and text are.