Blog posts and SEO

I’ve been working on the SEO of my website and realized that theres no immediately accessible way to change the meta data for my blog posts. I would like to make changes to browser titles and meta descriptions for each blog post. Right now, the tool im using to audit my sight’s SEO data is showing me that all my blog posts share the same title and meta description. Is there any way to change this information?

If you are using the built in RW blog, unfortunately there is no way to do this. If you are using a third party, I believe all others have the ability and it is documented in the manuals.

Perhaps Meta Mate allowed you to do that on blog pages, I forget. It’s an add-on and you can edit meta data of whole site from one screen. But I had issues with it I believe and I had to quit using it when RW7 came out. You might check that… others here may expound on their Meta Mate experience.

see…Anyone using Meta Mate and RW7?

Even if you used metamate the very first time the blog is updated it will over write everything. Unless metamate actually stores and republishes all data on every republish. I suppose it is possible but a huge bandwidth hog if it does. The bigger the blog the more cumbersome it will become.

yeah… it’s been too long since I used it… That’s why I gave it up (and the blog). I had 600 pages in the blog. I converted them all to stacks pages and just use a sitemap tool to create an alphabetical list. (No categories)

That’s possible with Poster Stack.

The Blog Post Title will be the title of the browser, and you are able to add a description text, which will go to the meta data description tag. FB and Twitter Social Tags are also inbuilt.