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I’m working my way through @ben’s RW SEO course and I have a question the meta tags for the RW Blog Plugin.

Is there a way to set specific meta tags for each individual blog post? For example, being able to customize how the title appears (default is {Blog Title} | {Browser Title} or being able to override the site description meta tag in favor of a blog specific description tag.


Unfortunately no. I do not know of any workaround that makes sense either. I am afraid a third party CMS solution is the best option. Sorry.

Not currently I’m afraid.

Each individual blog post’s meta tag is customised automatically for you. RapidWeaver use’s the first part of the blog post, and then uses Javascript to dynamically update the description meta tag.

So if you just view the source of your page, it won’t look like the description has been updated. However if you inspect the code after the browser has finished rendering the page, you’ll see the description meta tag has been updated.

Thanks for purchasing the course, I really hope you’re finding it useful :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply.

The course has been insanely helpful. An excellent value!

I’m sure it’s on the list, but otherwise, a feature request: some love for the blog plugin with added SEO control :slight_smile:

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