Blogger: A free Foundry/Alloy project from Template Repo

First of all apologies (again) for the almost radio silence from me of late. Life has been very much getting in the way of the Template Repo project of late!

That said, I’m pleased to introduce the first Foundry & Alloy freebie: Blogger.

Demo: Blog | Blogger
Details: Freebie: Blogger

To download Blogger you need to have joined the members section of Template Repo. It’s free, so if you haven’t already signed up, you can do so here: Register for the free to join members area.

Blogger is a self-contained Rapidweaver project built with Foundry v2 (Inc. Potion Pack) and Alloy. It’s simple, elegant and has all the features modern bloggers demand.

Although Blogger only consists of two pages; the main page and the editor page. Thanks to the clever use of the Alloy Conditional stack, it feels like a much bigger website once published, thanks to an entirely different layout on the main page and subsequent blog post pages.

Use Blogger “as-is”, expand it with additional pages or drop the main page into a more significant project.

PLEASE NOTE The posts that exist on the demo site are not included with the project. Due to the way Alloy works this isn’t possible. Once you have changed the settings in your version of Blogger (URL’s etc.) and published it to your server you will need to add your own posts.


  • Rapidweaver 8
  • Stacks 4
  • Foundry v2 by Elixir
  • Potion Pack ror Foundry
  • Alloy v3 2 By Elixir

Blogger is made available for free on an unsupported basis by Template Repo.


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