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During all these years, I’ve created and maintained a few web sites for my theatre activities with the basic RapidWeaver and a little of manual coding.

Later, I’ve added Stacks to do something that would have been an attempt to create an online magazine. I’ve used the Voyager theme, modified to to be a bit more flexible for my scope.

Now, I understand that I need more, to make my own web site design, without relying on other designers.

I’m thinking of getting Foundry. I’ve read the various topics on it, and watched at the tutorials, and it really seems that with it one can design a web site starting from scratch. It looks like total freedom. Is it really this way?

I also suspect, however, that the beautiful blogging page type included in Voyager/Pro is not available in Foundry, without purchasing the Alloy extension. Or can the blogging feature included in RapidWeaver be used in combination with Foundry?

Thank you for clearing this bit of confusion from me.

(By the way: does it happen that Elixir makes discounted sales?)


Hi there @PaoloT

Everything about Foundry is Stacks-based. This means that with Foundry every page will be a Stacks page. Since the RapidWeaver blog page is not a part of Stacks it can’t be used as your blog for Foundry. This is why I wrote Alloy, and why it interfaces with Foundry.

No, sorry I don’t. Well, I take that back, I do, but only when a new product is released, and usually that discount is targeted at that specific product.

I instead just try my best to price everything at a pretty fair price point and avoid discounts and sales. This way people can buy what they need, when they need it and not feel like they missed out on something when a product inevitably goes on sale days after their purchase, or feel like someone else is getting a better deal than they are.


@Adam, thank you very much for the detailed answer. All very clear.


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