RW Blog Usage - Cannot find any documentation / video

Hi all,

…after spending the last three days and nights to move my website ( from Wordpress to RW and Foundry I have the feeling that concerning the usage of the included RW blog feature I was coming to a dead end.

I am looking for a solution on how to show my blog entries on my photo diary page, but I cannot find any documentation or video how to use the blog functionality of RW. All videos I saw so far ending up with the footer design and no one explains the usage of the RW blog functionality.

Btw it took me months to get my WP site up and running with a lot of frustration, coffee and sleepless nights. The reason why I moved away from WP was the lack of quality of the whole system. The guys behind RW and Foundry are doing an amazing job. I was able to setup the site in between three days. This is what I would call a productive web development system, and I was starting from zero :+1:

Thanks for any help.

Use Alloy from @Elixir it is at a discount right now and a really nice and well thought blog addition to Foundry. I use ist all the times:

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As @Fuellemann suggests. The native blogging page within RW is very old and not very flexible. Alloy is a first rate blogging system that works great with Alloy.


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