Am I the Only Person Who Doesn't Use WordPress?

Seriously, I feel as though all the plugins and apps out there are for Word Press only. (Lately I have been looking for podcasting add ons such as a new html5 player…)
Am I the only who doesn’t blog with Wordpress!? Am I missing out by using the native blog app on Rapidweaver?
Thanks everyone!

I’d have thought you were missing out. The great advantage of WordPress is that you can blog from any device, anywhere, and other people can, with your permission, contribute.

Take a look at the many RapidWeaver addons, such as Armadillo, which give you similar possibilities.

Would you recommend I set up a WordPress account and tie it into my website?

Either that, using WP-Blog (which only works if you host the WP site on the same domain), or forget WP and use Armadillo which, apart from the lack of an SEO plug-in, is just as good as WP.

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Thanks Peter! I really appreciate the help!

I was looking to use RW as my main platform for all my projects. But after a couple of years I realised that not every project can be made with RW. So I went to Wordpress and was very happy. Then I missed RW because it’s a nice platform with many cool stacks. It’s hard to let RW go somethings but I can recommend using both. RW -> for small not-databased projects and WP -> for medium to big database driven projects.

But mixing them together makes no sense i my opinion.

That is great advice!!! I think RW suits my needs better to be honest… but maybe that’s because I am a control freak :wink:

Don’t forget to look a the Rapidweaver Central Stackcentral for 900+ stacks with search filters and reviews :slight_smile:

There are a few good blog solutions for RapidWeaver:

  1. My Tumblr stack
  2. Armadillo
  3. RW/Writer

I am shipping a great new CMS for RapidWeaver next week. Its been in the works for 11 months. It does not have a blog in v1.0. However, its already in development. It does however, support a News Feed.

Joe, I think you should wait a little longer and launch it with the blog option in it. A blog system is the most important part of a CMS.

@gille I disagree that its the most important part. There are many people out there that don’t care to blog. The News Feed will provide blog-lite functionality. We won’t have to wait too long for the blog to be complete. However, the product has so many amazing features now that its ready to ship. It will be a game changer. I promise.

Joe, your products are always great so I know it will be good. Looking forward to it. RW needs a full CMS gamechanger :slight_smile: Good luck.

I rather agree with @joeworkman – after all, how many of us really want to blog on a regular basis, and does irregular blogging make much sense? I’ll be very interested to see the new CMS.

Every now and then I get the urge to try WP and I always end up deleting everything and re-doing with RW. Blogging was my main reason for switching. Clients want nice looking blogs that they can edit themselves, that also have tags and categories, which seemed to be a challenge. However a MASSIVE thumb-up to Armadillo which does just that.

Looking forward to Joe’s CMS and Blog!!

RW offers brilliant support amongst the developers and the forums are very responsive too.

I love RW :smile:

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Joe, will your new CMS maintain Foundation styles so we can operate a proper blog within a Foundation project? I tried the tumbler stack but seem to recall it didn’t allow me to incorporate some of the cool things that Foundation can do.

Don’t forget the Blog stack for importing a blog from

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@peterdanckwerts What additional SEO tools/options would you like to have for Armadillo?

I must say that I’m not knocking Armadillo in any way. It’s a great piece of software.

I’m not sure that it’s practical to introduce anything like it in Armadillo but there’s a brilliant plug-in for WP, Yoast SEO, which really guides writers through every step of making their contributions as effective as possible – word counts, key words, etc. Quite a lot of WP users have criticised it as ineffective or even damaging but my own experience suggests that it does improve SEO.


Thanks @peterdanckwerts, really appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

I have been building websites for 15 years, and I have only built a few with WP. Every once in a while I look into it again and I end up getting mad while working with it. WordPress is a buzz word that people throw around. They don’t even know why they want a WP site. Most of my clients are small businesses and I have decided to start building their solutions with RW. RapidWeaver is the best platform for building small to medium sized websites with creativity in mind. Only use WP if your specific projects calls for it. Most of the time RW should do the trick and you will enjoy the creative process much more.