Booking Solutions

(Simon) #1

Hi All,

I need to create a booking solution for a massage business with the following criteria:

  1. The user needs to be able to add and remove dates (without possessing RW).
  2. The solution needs to allow unavailability dates adding.
  3. I would like a calendar that displays available dates at a glance without having to start the booking process.

I cannot seem to find a stack to do this. I’ve looked at the Yuzool booking stack, but it needs RW at the user end.

Any suggestions?

(Michael Frankland) #2

Thanks @svsmailus - 2 and 3 will be in a future update but 1 is not possible as it does require RW to create the forms. The Bookings can be of course viewed without RW but it’s not a CMS Booking system (yet :wink: )

Be interested to hear about workarounds for the time being

(system) #3

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