BOOKING STACKS for rapidweaver

Hello all,

best booking stacks…?

I know Yuzool have had a bit of bad press on here recently but this is one stack im aware of
What sort of booking system are you looking for? On a couple of my holiday home websites I’ve found the best way is to use iFrames for proper third party booking systems

Do we know if @yuzool are still supporting their stacks portfolio ? I’ve been experiencing some issues with their CheckOut Stacks and despite writing to them on numerous accessions heard nothing back ?

His last post on this forum was back in January in answer to a post warning about his lack of support. Before that it was October of 2019 on this forum and his own support area on RW4All.

I believe the only thing that works is the sales part. His site still collects money from folks fine.

Thanks Doug, I’ve already bought this stack to make the landing, not a dream but it works:

I did this with yuzool stack, hope they will update it.
My needs are about test or events

Is there an alternative to Booking Stack?
It is definitely very close to what my client wants, but I am reluctant to purchase because of the horror stories.
Certainly do not want a subs based purchase.
But also desire an additional feature (It is marketed as a restaurant booking solution but you are unable to specify the number of covers.

Has anybody have a solutions (with live examples) please?

Without wanting to get in the whole Yuzool thing, the last time I looked Booking Stack was not much more than a contact form with some additional features to accept booking enquiries. That’s not a bad thing, in many instances it’s perfect. But, depending on what you actually need there might be far better solutions out there, although most are not purpose made for RW, but instead “PHP Scripts”, as such, not a simple drag and drop affair.

If you can give more details about what you need, people might be able to better make suggestions.

I’m not a Yuzool basher, but the Yuzool “booking stack” is not much use for most people - can only do “full day” bookings

When it comes to booking, you are sometimes better off looking at third party services like Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, Square Appointments, etc. (there are a ton of options)

  • many have basic “free plans” that are good enough for basic scheduling purposes
  • most are esay to integrate, just copy and paste some html code into your website
  • and if your needs grow, these services have advanced capabilites as well
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Most of the off-the-shelf booking systems accrue monthly fees. If the business is making money, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

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