Stacks market business model

I just found this Calendly website that provides an embeddable calendar with amazing features for 15$/month.
It goes without saying that after 3 months it will get more expensive than Yuzool’s Booking stack.

I am waiting to buy Booking stack because I need some features that are missing at the moment.
If Yuzool puts in those features, I would be willing to pay even twice the price of his Stack.
But those features sure require a lot of work.

My point is:
Maybe stacks developers need customer’s commitment before investing time and resources on a product they don’t know how it will sell.

should we help our beloved developers to change the business model?
The first thing that comes in mind is Kickstarter, did anyone try that path?

How many Rapidweaver users are in the World anyways? I can’t find that info anywhere


I think in the example of the Booking stack, that was a direct result of customer requests, if I am remembering forum chatter from a year or two ago. I think most of the developers are fairly active on the forums so they can get a sense of the customer landscape.

I believe that Stacks 4 Stacks will quote custom stack requests as well.

That isn’t to to discount your ideas - there are always improvements to be made.

Good question on how many RW users there are, I have no idea on that one

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I know it’s not the main point you are making but I stumbled across a fairly impressive free booking system (the barbers that I go to uses it). It seems to be marketed towards beauty/health/hairdressers etc but I think it is flexible enough for many uses. Anyway might be worth checking out for those that want to embed a booking system in their website. Address is:

I’ve got the Booking Stack from Yuzool but you are right that it is a couple of key features away from being entirely useful.


Thanks Mallow I’ll give it a try

Thanks I didn’t know that developers were this close to the community, but it makes sense.

They say it won’t be free forever. Just for early adopters. Feel free not to check it out.

Interesting comments @Pitti_Uomo - I like where you are coming from.

As @jabostick mentions the Booking Stack came from chatter on the forums and updates from emails / forum posts - so we try and make things that are customer focused. That said you never really know how popular something will be until you launch it.

As for the developers list - this is the best maintained list by @Marten_Claridge :


That’s a good question, the only thing I can think of that would give you a guess is there are 2,275 people who have obtained basic status (basically signed up) on this forum.
Now not every user is going to join the forum, but most of the active users probably have joined. There’s also some other forums for RW but my guess is most of the members are duplicate.
My gut feeling is the active (buying addons) community is quite small when compared to other products.

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Albeit not totally up to date — there are a few developers listed who have since departed the scene… and a couple yet to be added. It’s on my list :wink:


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