Boreal navigation color


Im Working in Boreal @nickcates theme and i want to change the color Of the navigation border how Can i do that. I know its possible since on his website it has different Colors. Hope he might have an idea if i did something Wrong or if its a code



Have you looked at the theme options? Check out ‘Nav Hover’ and ‘Borders’. Those colour pickers do exactly what I think you are asking for.

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thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

I got it to work via extra content then it worked out. I tried the other but I quess i needed the extra content to get the colors working as I wanted. :smiley:

right now im trying to get extra content to go edge to edge. i cant get it to work :confused:


Um okay. You used extra content to change a navigation/border colour? Well, okay… I guess I’m just missing something there :confused: but I suppose the main thing is you got the effect you wanted.

Which EC area are you trying to get edge to edge?

Changing that color should be the color picker under “Style > Site Colors > Borders”

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes I could change borders but I could not change the nav border color. I did this with EC. Can it be because I only have RW 5 ? I didnt upgrade since my friend didnt like RW 6

This give so much sence for me and my friend since we couldn´t find this borders either it was one color all of it or not. but now it works.

I do have another problem though. I cannot get some of the pages responsive. when I look at my iphone and the simulator it dont work.

here is an example


I wanted to go edge to edge all the way out. I got the code and its works :slight_smile: