Boreal navigation color

(Gitte Holgaard) #1


Im Working in Boreal @nickcates theme and i want to change the color Of the navigation border how Can i do that. I know its possible since on his website it has different Colors. Hope he might have an idea if i did something Wrong or if its a code


(Stuart) #2


Have you looked at the theme options? Check out ‘Nav Hover’ and ‘Borders’. Those colour pickers do exactly what I think you are asking for.

(Gitte Holgaard) #3

thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

I got it to work via extra content then it worked out. I tried the other but I quess i needed the extra content to get the colors working as I wanted. :smiley:

right now im trying to get extra content to go edge to edge. i cant get it to work :confused:


(Stuart) #4

Um okay. You used extra content to change a navigation/border colour? Well, okay… I guess I’m just missing something there :confused: but I suppose the main thing is you got the effect you wanted.

Which EC area are you trying to get edge to edge?

(Nick Cates) #5

Changing that color should be the color picker under “Style > Site Colors > Borders”

(Gitte Holgaard) #6

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes I could change borders but I could not change the nav border color. I did this with EC. Can it be because I only have RW 5 ? I didnt upgrade since my friend didnt like RW 6

This give so much sence for me and my friend since we couldn´t find this borders either it was one color all of it or not. but now it works.

I do have another problem though. I cannot get some of the pages responsive. when I look at my iphone and the simulator it dont work.

here is an example


(Gitte Holgaard) #7

I wanted to go edge to edge all the way out. I got the code and its works :slight_smile: