Change Extra Content background colour

Anyone know how to change EC background (edge to edge) when it is not a theme option? Specifically I am trying to add a different colour EC3 section in Henk Vrieselaar’s Rainboww DD theme but can only change background colour of stacks within it - and this of course is not edge to edge


If you post a URL here, one of us ought to be able to isolate the CSS container which you’d (then) change using custom CSS.

That it’s not ‘edge-to-edge’ suggests there is padding (the background applies to the container minus any padding settings. This might be more tricky to change.

You have tried simple CSS?

#myExtraContent3 {
    background-color: red;

Thanks - yes - it adds the colour but not edge to edge. For me the value of EC is usually that you add a new independent edge to edge section. otherwise (as far as main body content is concerned) it’s not so different from simply adding any other stack

not published yet but I’ll do this if I can;'t find a simple answer1 Thanks for input.

You could try:

#myExtraContent3 {

But then make sure that the rest of your layout is behaving.

Sadly this still works to the width of the content block rather than the width of browser window. Thanks agin for your input

Is the browser window perhaps the background of the whole page?

Then I’ll bow out as I don’t know the Theme; good luck!

Yes - I guess it is. EC does tend to create a section full width of the page in a lot of themes but I guess not this one

I don’t have the theme and there is no link to your site, but based on the demo, you could try something like this:

#gradient_footer {
    background-image: none !important;
    background-color: blue;

That should get you edge to edge but I suspect you will have to revisit the styling that lies within that div now. Also instead of using a hard color like “blue” you might want to experiment with rgba values to try to get the best out of it. See what you think.

I actually have the same problem in Boreal with EC any know that.

Hope its ok i reply in This one ?

Otherwise sorry