Bounce Rates as it relates to my newly created Rapidweaver Website

Hello fellow Weavers,

I have a concern about my websites bounce rate. Well, maybe first I should at least introduce myself. My Name is Paul and I fix dents on cars, without repainting! This is my first website. Im just a one man operation and trying to raise my three sons, like most of us, while trying to make a living.

I ran into several problems with Rapid Weaver as it relates to Chrome and other browsers in Foundation, which was largely caused by Animate in Foundation, which Im sure hurt my bounce rate.

Furthermore, I have no experience with Google Analytics and tags until the past few weeks. Im not sure how terrible or good that Im doing. All I know, is that my Rapid Weaver website is lightyears better than the clunker I had before. Having said that, I know I have a long way to go.

I have a bounce rate over 90% and I know thats a bad thing. Most of my traffic is organic in my market and the few marketing dollars I have to spend a month 1000$, needs to convert. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I will buy any stack or do anything you guys might suggest.

I should also note that I was an Airborne Infantry Solider for 10 years active duty, so your not going to hurt my feelings. I would rather you shoot me straight rather than beat around the bush.


Have you looked at where the traffic is coming from? A lot of hits are going to be spambots.

When using Google Analytics you will have to filter your data to figure out what information is relevant. Google knows that spam traffic is an issue and has been developing machine learning tools to help resolve it.

All I really have are countries. 89% is coming from the states and mainly on Firefox browser. The rest is coming from Germany (Which makes sense, because most of my family lives there and its where my company originally started, at least the method.). The majority of my 584 hits this week came from Carol Stream in another state and Palmdale in California. Let me go into Google Adwords and ensure I add those states as negative geographical locations. Yeah if I add up all of my local towns I have a really low bounce rate. Let me dive into this, I didn’t even consider it could be people from another town and possibly I have a leak somewhere in my ads.

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Texas, United States
Tennessee, United States
Plant City, Florida, United States
Pennsylvania, United States
Oklahoma, United States
Ohio, United States
Oceanside, California, United States
New York, United States
New Jersey, United States
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Massachusetts, United States
Maryland, United States
Louisiana, United States
Illinois, United States
Georgia, United States
Connecticut, United States
California, United States
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Are now added. I had a leak.

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If you look at “referral sites” you will probably end up seeing some odd links. you can filter those out too.

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Have you read this?

To me it seems that your the people that your ads are hitting don’t actually stay on the website. That is my guess. Maybe try to adjust your advertising targets?


:slight_smile: Here’s another good link from Neil

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