Decided to dump rapid weaver

…since my existing website has over 3,000 pages.

What do you want to tell us with this post?

Is your statement anyhow helpful for others?

Is there anything the community can help you?


Your rapid weaver is useless for millions of us who have EXISTING websites.

Well, Rapidweaver is not a conversion tool for existing websites. So with 3.000 pages you of course have to stick with either the tool you are using now or look somewhere else. Still not a reason for your post imho. All the best for you!


You signed up on NYE/NYD to a forum simply to announce you will no longer be using the product the forum was created for?

Does someone need a hug?


Try converting to pretty much any website-building program and you’ll find that there’s quite a lot of work involved. I’ve converted several sites to RW from raw HTML. Not 3000 pages admittedly, but it was quite simple.

You need to market your software for only new websites. I have stopped the credit charge for your bogus software.

You do realise that Fuellemann is a user just like the rest of us here? and…
That we’re all basically just laughing at you and your silly rant, in fact you’re proving rather entertaining so please … do carry on


… not before I get my popcorn, wait!



Is the site by chance

If so, I’d suggest you just pull it it and start over. It seems to be nothing more than pages and pages of pure garbage. Maybe make a new one just with pictures of unicorns or summit.

If of course you’re not that Lance Ferm, apologies, my offer of a hug still stands. If you are that Lance Ferm, why the hell didn’t god pre-warn you about the limitations of Rapidweaver? Must make you wonder if your god is actually real?


Oh dear … that’s so sad.
If ‘this’ Lance Ferm is ‘that’ Lance Ferm then I’m sorry about my previous “laughing at you” comment … It was cruel and flippant of me.
I truly hope he gets better soon and that he receives all the help that his local mental health authority can provide.


Just hope he has private health insurance, as according to his Facebook bile, that Lance Ferm isn’t a fan of Obamacare.

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FYI, any website builder won’t (easily) import 3,000 pages. I’d say you should have a team helping you run that monstrosity.

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