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Hi Guys,
May be a silly question but I want to have the banner on the Boutique Theme Template which is responsive when viewed on a mobile or tablet so that the image is not simply cropped.
Is it possible?

You have a URL to a page?

It’s hard to help without one.

Hi Doug,
The current page is but the banner on the page is not the one I am trying to change as the banner I want to load is a image of the company official building but when I place the image onto the Rapidweaver 8 General setting Banner section and size it 2000px x800px and preview the image is cropped down to show only the roof whereas in the page inspector section image section I can place a banner their and the image is responsive so that it will reduce size to show the full building when viewed on a mobile but I want the image on the main banner landing page.

I have a couple of ideas…could you send me the image you want to use?

Hi Joe,
Thanks for getting back to me this is the image I would like to use as the banner.

Stephen @predactor ;

If I understand what you want. It looks like the banner area is set for the width to be automatic instead of the hight.

You can give this a try (there might be a setting to to this in the theme but I don’t know):

#rwBanner img {
     width: 100%; 
     height: auto;

Just add thsi tio the CSS area.

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Hi Doug,
Do you mean adding this to the settings area of the Rapidweaver or the CSS area in page inspector of each page.

Brilliant amazing fantastic I am gobsmacked it worked you just done in a few seconds what I have been struggling with all week thank you so much guys.
I owe you one for that the wife can enjoy my company now I am not stuck on the computer.

Thanks for that Doug,
If I wanted to have the main banner responsive across the entire webpages do I need to place the code in the setting section css location?

When ever you apply CSS,
If you wnat it SiteWide you can put it into a single place in the Code area of Settings.

If you wnat it just for a single page then place it in the code area of the page inspector.


Hi Doug,
You have been amazing you have made my day and sorted things out for me.
I hope you and your family are all well during this ordeal of covid and that you all make it through in good health.

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