RW8 Themes banners not responsive

(Linda Lang Pierce) #1

When creating a new site with RW8 none of the new themes banners are responsive. If I pick an old theme they are.

(Dan) #2

Hmm, odd. Not sure 100% what you mean, if you could email with an example and I’ll look into it for you.


(Brian Micklethwaite) #3

While talking about themes - I really like the new themes, but is there any way to make them cope with multi-level menus with sub-pages?

(Linda Lang Pierce) #4

meaning the image is not resizing prepositionally.

(Brian LaPan) #5

It’s easy to do. Take a look here:

(Doug Bennett) #6

I think @snail47 is talking about sub-sub menus and deeper.

(Brian Micklethwaite) #7

Not even that! I tried applying the themes to an existing site that has just one level of sub-menus on two of the pages (marked with a dot):

When applying the new Artful theme (the other three do the same) I get:

So I’m not sure what, if anything, can be done!

(Dan) #8

@snail47 — Can you send me that project so I can take a look at this - - we’ll get the theme fixed up so it handles this better.

(Demoulin) #9

Hey Brian
What app did you use to make that screen recording with circle around the mouse pointer?

(Brian Micklethwaite) #10

Thank you Dan - just sent it.

(Dan) #11

Thanks, just sent you a reply :slight_smile:

(Linda Lang Pierce) #12

Thanks Dan for the quick response as always!

(Brian LaPan) #13

I used Droplr to do that. I have a Droplr pro account and it includes screen capture tools built in.

(Demoulin) #14

Thank you Brian

(Brian Micklethwaite) #15

Thanks for the help and advice Dan - false alarm!

(system) #16

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