Box reductions, missing tel numbers and doubling up

Having taken great advice from here on a number of occasions, without being qualified to give anything back, I’m sorry, but I’m back asking again!

I’ve just finished this small site for a client in foundry Everything (I think) works ok, across all platforms, except that on the mobile version the telephone number in safari is disappearing. I‘ve hacked it by adding a character into the numbers the same colour as the background for the time being. I was wondering if their is a work around/CCS for this? As on the contact page I’ve 3 telephone numbers with 2 of them on different colour backgrounds, and if I spec them as white for the footer, the 2 above disappear, etc etc, can they be spec’d individually, or at least by page, or is it just one colour for all, and the design needs to be changed to address this?

Once reduced onto the mobile (portrait) the boxes and text for Additional TVR services and TVR outriggers (basically the ones with the most text) become very tight (top and bottom), as the headings double up on line space, so again is their anything I can do to add a bit of breathing space top and bottom, when its reduced, without effecting the view on an iPad/desktop etc. If I reduce the text slightly, to help with the mobile view, its then lost on a 27in screen.

I was going to run it through nibbler, but it appears to have gone? Anyone got another recommendation please?

Finally I still find myself doubling up on various areas to make everything format correctly/fit, is this a common thing?, or am I just missing the plot? For example I have 2 versions of the footer, to cope with the line breaks and sizing etc …Is a one size fits all possible on a website thats more than just a basic layout?

Thanks for any help
Cheers Jon

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