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I have designed a website using RapidWeaver 7, I have made some mistakes.

The Page will not show correctly on smart phones, i have tried changing the theme but i do not no how to find one that works.

Also, despite buying the Stacks 3 software and the HTML Contact Form Stack, I still can not get emails sent from the website.

the website is

Please can anyone help, is there a telephone number that i can contact Realmac on?

I am frustrated and i am thinking of giving up and paying a professional to sort things out for me.

Please help, Thank you.

Kind Regards


There is no telephone number for RW, there is an email system for problems but your best bet is here on the forum. You’ve not used a ‘responsive theme’ which is why it won’t display on a phone, there are several responsive themes that come with RW, try using one of those.

The email problem will probably take a bit more info from you to solve, this is a very active forum with many skilled users who help out newcomers regularly, I’ sure your problems can be sorted!

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Hello Dave,

Thank you for your speedy reply, please could you tell me how to find a responsive theme?

Ill try to get that sorted 1st and look into the contacts form later.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Kind Regards


I’ve got to be honest here, I can’t remember which ones are supplied with RW! Personally I use an ‘addon’ called Foundation for all my sites. You can test a Theme yourself by loading a Theme, going to ‘Preview’ and then change the menu drop down to ‘iPhone’.


Hello Dave,

Thank you for that, ill play about with a new project before applying it to my website, Thank you, your picture has made it easy for me to play with this problem.

Thank You

Kind Regards


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