Brainstorming Menu layouts

Hi everyone I have a Menu question:

I am just starting a site and am gathering content and trying to ‘wireframe’ everything. I’m a little concerned that the menu is going to get too big. There aren’t an abnormal amount of pages (maybe 8 parent topics), but a lot of the headings are lengthy and I am worried on smaller screens that it will get too congested.

I looked at Joey by Big White Duck and thought that might be an option (i.e. to try and have icons/mega menu drop down as seen in the Joey demo). Is an Offsite menu a better option for this? I’ve never used either.

Anyway. Just wondering how others generally approach this. (I’ll most likely be using foundation).

You might look at a theme with vertical navigation. This sort of style would lend itself to wordier page titles (in most cases), since you don’t have to deal with a limited amount of real-estate for a horizontal navigation bar.

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A good idea for a side menu in Foundation is using Pillar Stack with the side nav stack and get a result like this: