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Hi Weavers, I am a newbie and doing a large event site. I would like to use a menu that sits on the left side and remains in view when scrolling. The layout on each page I have used so far is the blueprint Sidebar stack for all the main content (right side of page).

I would be grateful for any recommendations.

Thanks, Lisa

Rails from Nick Cates might be a good option. It can link to other site pages along with external and same page links. However, it’s recommended to have a maximum of 8 menu items.

Thanks Neil, I should have mentioned (since I am doing this site for free) I don’t want to purchase additional stacks… so I need to use something I already have.

I have purchased extra stuff but am limited

What theme and stuff are you using then?? Kind of hard to suggest anything without knowing what you have…

There is a cool stack by Big White Duck called Sidebar, not sure if that works for your theme or not though.

Apart from basics I have: scroll mate, mouser and typer animate, billboard, BWD pop drop and pop drop line, BWD pro-styles pack, basic blueprint, a few rummage, magic dots, link2, marker2, zone2, magicgellan2, foundation buttons and nav, content, dynamic layout, forms, TBS menu, clipper, Joey, impact, impact animate, bevel, jack, jack hover, pin, scroll, chroma, chroma marker and pro.
I haven’t tried most of these out as I have been sticking to what I know until my confidence grows. I may have the BWD above, will look now. Thanks

What theme are you using?

Foundation :blush: 20 …

In my aside (left) I have a one column stack containing chroma pro and inside that my side nav menu. It is basically doing what I want, but I need it to stop before I get to the bottom of my page because it makes my footer with sponsors logos in look crappy. I tried using chroma marker, but I don’t think I understand that well enough. Logically the markers would be points I could contain something within, if they are I can’t make them work.

If you do not know about Joe’s community page, I would sign up for that and ask Andrew (the Big White Duck) on there. He does come to the Realmac forums from time to time, but he answers questions more regularly there. I would have no clue as I do not create sites and do not know how to use his stacks very well either. I just do not have time to play around with them like I wished I did.

can you give us a url so we can see the issue

Hi Scott, got back to the job this morning and have the site sitting in my parking lot url:

  1. the side menu needs to stop at some point as to not cover the footer and sponsor information
  2. Now I have checked the mobile preview, the menu covers over the whole page and the topbar menu is also overlapping as well. I know this will probably be somewhere in settings (?) I want the topbar there as it houses the Arts Whakatane logo, so I am a bit stuck as to how to manage this in a non-complicated way.

Thanking you for your time. Cheers Lisa

Ha! I fixed the topbar issue, and everything came right! Boom. Thank you to each of you that took time to support me. Just a newbie and sometimes thick as a plank! :rofl:


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