Theme with large menu required

I am looking for a new theme that can offer a large menu that can offer viewers a brief insight into the content of sub pages. It is a large site and the content within sub menus is easily lost on the present home page. I have looked at a number of options, including Struct and Omnicon, but nothing really seems to suit so far. Charis looked a possibility, but is three years old now.

My current site is:

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


@Elixir has some themes with split nav if that would work for you.

Elixir Themes

You didn’t really give much to go on :grin:

Its not a theme but a stack that works with all floodthemes from @willwood. Checkout the examples on this link:


I think Big White Duck’s Joey stack might be what you’re looking for. It’s also not a theme but it might work. Here’s a link to the demo:

Archetypon’s UIKit project Renew is a great example of the custom menus you can easily build with UIKit. A bit more $$ than a plain theme but much more flexible. You can put anything in the menu system.

I’m currently building a site with the “Struct” theme by Rapid Ideas:
Great theme and highly recommended for very large sites!

Thanks! I’m not sure what other info I could have given! :wink: As I said, I just need a large menu on a theme that can deal with a large site…

Many thanks. I’ll look into it

Many thanks for the suggestion

Looks great, but I guess it is pricey. Thanks for the suggestion

Hi. This was one that I was looking into and your comments are very helpful. My main criteria is one that will house a large site, as you say, but also where the sub menu items are not lost. In my present site, it is hard to see that there is much more information available from the sub menus. Many thanks

I was referring to menu type specifics. like Horizontal top menu, split menu, 3 child levels "large menu"is a pretty relitave term.

If you don’t care for the Struct style then you may need to go with a split menu. How many child levels do you need?
Or as, others mentioned, one of the open frameworks like Uikit, Foundation, etc may suit your needs. Good luck there are hundreds of themes out there, I spent alot of time looking for a suitable one for a client recently who wanted multiple levels of submenus.

Oh I see. I’m rather new to all this and so I need to work on the menu specifics that you mention. I guess I just don’t want a menu stuck at the top of the page and largely forgotten, so maybe a split menu is the best way forward. Initially, I I liked the layout of Charis, but it is rather old now. Many thanks for your suggestions. I’m going to take another look at Struct.

@barryuk This is the site I’m currently working on, using the Struct theme:


Thank you for generously sharing this with me, Mathias. Your site looks great, and I think the menu will solve my problems. I will try it.