Brandon Lee "Transform" Theme

(Pete) #1


I have some questions to the Brandon Lee theme “Transform” (and please be patient with me, I am an absolutely newbie:-)

  1. It says that I have to activate “jQuery” but where I can do that?
  2. I want to create a footer with 3 columns. How I do that with this Theme and Stacks?
  3. Where do I safe photos for the banner if I do NOT want a slideshow?

Thanks for your help

(Jonathan Spencer) #2

You do realise that that is a very old theme and isn’t responsive so won’t work well on mobile devices and tablets? The footer area is in extra content so you would drop an extra content stack and set it to Extra Content 3. Then add a three column stack into that stack and your content into the columns. jQuery is in the theme settings area of the Stacks Inspector.

There is a tutorial for the theme here:

I would find a more modern theme myself though.