Font Awesome stack crashes Rapidweaver when choosing custom colour..why?

Hi there, I’ve just purchased Joe Workman’s Font Awesome stack, but whenever I choose the ‘awesome list’ stack and start to work with it, if I choose the ‘custom color?’ option then Rapidweaver instantly crashes.

I’m using Rapidweaver 7.5.5 and Awesome List 1.3.5.

Can anyone advise?

This is a known issue that cropped up on the Weaver’s Space a few weeks ago. As far as I know, it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Not sure why I got an invite to this post, as what @NeilUK said, it is a known issue, and no fix yet.

Ok thanks for the info guys, I’ll find a workaround for now :-).

I did not know about this issue. It seems like to be a known issue I probably should. Maybe I’m confusing it with something else? Just curious where you got your “known issue” from???

Can someone provide me with a file/stack that duplicates this issue. I’ll see if II can fix ASAP (if it’s a Stacks but – which is sounds like it probably is).


This is an issue with Joe’s stack. I will send you the stack over on your slack channel in a private message with instructions on how to crash it.

I’m not usually much for absolute statements – but I can say with 99% certainty that you are incorrect. :wink:

A stack, with very few exceptions, should not be able to crash RapidWeaver. If RapidWeaver crashes or hangs, then it’s almost certainly a bug in some compiled software – probably Stacks.


Ah, OK. Sent you the stack and instructions on how to recreate it

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Thanks Rob!

And @gabrielle – I’ll see if I can get this issue fixed in a beta (or reported at least identified and reported to RW if need be) by the end of the week.

Sorry for the trouble.


I’ve identified the bug and filed in the Stacks bug tracker. If you’d like to keep an eye on it and make sure it gets fixed or add any other detail you can see it here:

With a simple test case like this it was easy to nail this one down, but we’ll definitely need to beta test this change – it does affect some API functionality, so I’ll release this to the Stacks beta on our Slack channel tomorrow or Wednesday. If you want to test that out with us you can watch for the release here:



Thanks Isaiah for sorting it :slight_smile:

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