FontAwesome missing

I’ve just fired-up RW to update a page on a website, and FontAwesome icons no longer work: all the FA fonts are showing as Last Resort (the special Mac system font with the boxes – sorry can’t upload as I’m considered a ‘new user,’ despite being a member of the old forum for years).

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this until after the upload, so pages created and updated yesterday are fine, but today, no FA.

I had no issues yesterday, and I’ve not updated FontAwesome, and I’ve not turned off or on any other fonts, so does anyone know why or how this has happened? Even viewing the RW page on my Mac, the fonts don’t render, despite FA being installed in Font Book on my system.

I’d considered a corrupt font, but I’ve reinstalled it, and it validates and operates perfectly in other apps.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get around this? I’ve downloaded FA 4.4.0 (I was on 4.3), to see if installing that helps, but they still appear broken in RW, and upload incorrectly. The site contains possibly thousands of icons, and manually replacing them is not feasible.

BTW, I’m using 1LDs FontAwesome stack, which usually works flawlessly. Also, if I create a new file, FA works fine …

A quick update … this appears to be an issue with RW or the file itself: if I paste a new icon (from the FA cheatsheet, online), it appears fine.

Does this mean that ALL my old references to this font are broken? The icons appear okay when referenced with HTML, but are broken in all the original text stacks on my page … is this due to recent updates?