Browser preview causes RW 7.1 crash

Just wondering whether any other RW developers or Realmac staff can replicate this one. It’s been happening for me in every RW 7.1 built to date. But I’ve not seen any other reports of it and no response to my crash reports or emails sent in.

Basically if I ALT + CMD + P a webpage (to preview it in an external browser like Firefox), RW throws a ‘something went wrong’ error. It does it every time without fail.

I don’t know if these crash reporters are working. On clicking Send Report the spinning bezel goes on for a couple of minutes and then the crash reporter window vanishes with no confirmation.

The same happens if it go File > Preview page in… from the RW file menu.

I’ve tried all the normal stuff like disk permissions etc. Short of deleting and reinstalling RW 7.1 again, I don’t know if there’s anything else I can try.

Right now I’m using 7.1.0 (18289b).

Am I the only person with this problem?

I have the exact same problem. But only when using ALT CMD P

I’ve managed to re-create the problem here, will look into and hopefully get it fixed today!