Crash on preview

rw 7.4.1
started suddenly without any funny changes in the project
crashes the moment i go cmd-r.
deleting caches or prefs does not help. restarting rw not at all.
why has that thread

been closed?
any help is very much appreciated. thanks!

sorry. forgot the url of the closed thread: Preview doesn't work

meanwhile my projectfile does not want to be saved anymore. after working a whole day with it without a crash (amazing) it now is useless :frowning:

Did you try a save as?
The thread you refer to is quite old, that’s probably why it’s been closed.

To my knowledge no one is crashing on preview, so you might want to contact RealMac support they maybe able to help you.

thanks a lot for your tipp! i did this just 15 minutes ago without reading my mails first… :wink: but it worked.

btw: preview does work again, too. why? well. strange but true (i did this with 3 projects) i removed my own site wide footer html code (which i was using for years without changes). saved the project file.closed it. opened it. and pasted the unaltered code in again. voila! preview works again :slight_smile: i keep having similiar stuff all the time.

the only “funny” part in this code might be this: “last published %last_published%”

but it works again. so…

Hi @ruby,

As @teefers suggested, could you get in touch with support? I’m quite intrigued by this, and unfortunately I can’t see the crash report in our system.



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hi simon. you don’t see this in your crash report system because i stopped posting there a long time ago because i never got any reply from you - even though i begged in my crash report comments regularly for a feedback or at least acknowledgment of receipt. otherwise you would see me there on a daily basis…