Crash on Preview RW 7.1.1

RW crash on all previews in 7.1.1
Back to 7.1.0

RapidWeaver Version: *7.1.1
System Version: *10.12


Is it possible to gp back to version 7.1?

yes with time machine
or :

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Or download it (and all other old versions) here:

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RW v7.1.2 on the way today apparently. I’ve reverted to v7.1.0 as I suffered the crashes too.

new update crashes during extract

I confirm that I have the same issue

same thing. i also confirm.

Just working on the update issue.

In the meantime you can do a direct download here:


downloaded and installed when i start rapidweaver now it still tries to update, anyone else have this issue

I have this very often. completely randomly with rw 7.4.1. did you find any solution for this misbehaviour?

Same here. I’ve been having RW (now 7.5.1) hang on me when trying to preview projects that were created a long time ago and upgraded. Not sure if it’s a theme issue, or what.

Any update/thoughts/solutions?

I am having crashes as soon as the app is launched… If I get past a launch it crashes as soon as I hit preview…

Just an FYI… I think I’ve found the cause of MY problem with RW Preview ending up in an endless refresh cycle. It’s probably VERY specific to my workflow/setup, but I’m sharing it here in case it relates to anyone else.

I make custom versions of RW Theme Files and usually add custom CSS into them. I like to use LESS for my CSS and so, in order to compile it into standard CSS for RW, I also use Codekit. I add the LESS files to a folder inside the theme, then configure Codekit to compile them into a single CSS file that I reference in the theme’s index.html file (as well as adding the whole folder to the theme.plist file so RW is (a) aware of it and (b) able to publish the files to the live site). It seems that with Codekit monitoring the files for changes, it causes some kind of a conflict with RW’s Preview, sending RW into an endless loop of “Generating Preview”.

My temporary workaround is to move the LESS and Codekit Config files to a folder outside of the RW theme… and just have Codekit compile the necessary CSS file into a subfolder in the theme. So far, that has stopped the endless RW Preview refreshes.

Probably not what other people are having an issue with… but it might help SOMEONE! :wink: