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Good afternoon!
Could someone help me to change browser title on my Blog / Archives page?
The website is in Russian and I use Blog Plugin to create my News page. When you click on News link the browser shows me correct Browser Title


But when I click on “Archives link” my browser opens archives page and on that page Rapidweaver adds “Archives for 2019” text before the browser title.


How can I overwrite the title Rapidweaver creates? Is there a trick to tell Rapidweaver not to add any text in my browser title? I feel almost comfortable with css, so I can change some entries to the language I need, but I don’t know how to change the title when Rapidweaver creates it itself. Is there a kind of “!important” tag in html?

Thank you!

That generated into the html file.

To my knowledge this cannot be changed.

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software

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Thank you, Jannis!
That is very strange, Blog Plugin in Rapidweaver 5 didn’t have this problem (“feature”). Unfortunately, it has in Rapidweaver 6.

Here’s a screenshot of a site I’ve made with RW5.

Jannis, it seems to me, that I’ve found a solution. But I’m not sure it’s 100% correct.
Could you tell me what your experience tells you?

There’s a “Prefix” tab in RW6. Everything you type there will be placed in html-code before DOCTYPE

HTML file looks like this

The browser title looks like this (exactly what I wanted)

So the browser just shows the first text placed into title tags. Of course there is a line of code with what RW creates, so there are 2 “titles” in HTML.

How bad is that? It looks good to me, but I’m not sure it’s good for browsers, search engines, etc.

Thank you!

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Doesn’t look too bad for a workaround…

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Since there should only be one title within the head section of the document, there’s probably no way to say for sure that all browsers will always take the “first” title it finds. There’s not a spec for the browser developers to handle that condition since it is technically not supposed to happen.

What I’m really saying is it might work today on some or all browsers and not tomorrow.

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Thank you!
As I understand there’s no 100% correct way to remove text that RW adds to my title or to tell RW not to add that text? It’s sad.

The W3C specs says

The <title> element is always used within a page’s <head> block

You’re placing it prior to the <head> tag by placing it within the prefix section. Right now it appears to work for you, at least in the browser(s) you’ve tested. But what about things like assistive technologies(screen readers), search engines and future browser updates?

I’m not that familiar with the built in blog, but I know they did a lot of work on it in RW8. Perhaps you could put a post out with the category of feature request?

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