Browser Title Mystery

Checking through a client website today I noticed that on just one page, the Browser Title was followed by a little snippet of ‘Bold’ code for the organisation name as shown:

BC website wrong title grab

Thinking I must have accidentally pasted this into the HUD’s ‘Browser Title’, I opened the
project to delete it but found nothing there except the intended title - no code to be seen! So I looked in the source and sure it enough there it was:

Basically, whenever I deleted the word ‘Skills’ in the Browser Title the code disappeared, and when I put ‘Skills’ back in, so the code re-appeared.

To solve the problem, I took the word ‘Skills’ out, closed Rapidweaver, re-opened and added ‘Skills’ back in. This time the ‘bold’ code stayed away.

So all sorted - but anyone any idea what could make this happen?

No html!!!

That’s my exact point - there was no html in there - just a plain text title. But as I started to delete the last word of the title ‘Skills’ so the html disappeared. When I typed ‘skills’ back in the html re-appeared.

I can only imagine I must have originally pasted the html in accidentally, later deleted it, but it remained because of some cache bug?

I did the same and got this:

With this showing on the page:

That’s what you should get when viewing the source code as the Browser Title field adds the title tag automatically.

Looks like you might have done a copy & paste

Might well have done but if so, why did it remain - visible in source - even though completely deleted from the Browser Title field. As I said, there was no html in the field, and to get rid of it I had to empty the field of ALL text, close Rapidweaver, re-open and then enter the title text afresh. That cleared it but it’s concerning if Rapidweaver can get oddities like this when cutting and pasting stuff.

I found another example today where I created a markdown link in a footer and then copied and pasted a few times and amended to create other links. The links worked fine but the non-link text retained the link from the original I had created. I had to do it from scratch to get rid of the link as it was not visible in the link field!

I would have to see the project

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