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Just checking as this was last addressed about 3 years ago … is the BROWSER TITLE field in the general settings for each page the same as adding a TITLE META TAG?

I will also add a description in the Meta Tags window…and the social tags… but are there any other recommended meta tags to add for general SEO purposes.

The browser title field is the HTML Title (it’s technically not a meta tag as it doesn’t start with meta. It is what you suggest search engines display on the SERP.


The Description is again what you’re suggesting that search engines display. Most search engines(Google, Bing, etc.) will tell you they are using these metadata fields less and less and aren’t using it for Ranking at all. Just for displaying results and only if it matches the search phrase and the content on the page.

Social Tags are used by Facebook and Twitter to display links to your site.

Don’t forget the Social image. Facebook link share size recommended image size is at least 1200 x 630px, also the recommended size for Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Hi again @teefers … I’m using Joe Workmans SEO Helper Stack for SEO so am disabling all the RW meta tags and social tag generation and using SEO Helper instead… one thing I’m confused about is that SEO Helper has a meta tag for Page Title… So would it be best practice to use this as well as, or instead of, the RW browser title?

I would think the two would be the same in terms of content (as they effectively do the same job) … but if both are used then would they be seen as duplication by google (even though the RW Browser Title is an HTML tag and the SEO Helper Page Title is a meta tag)…

So use both or just one and if just one which is better??

This might be for @joeworkman to answer :slight_smile:

Technically you shouldn’t have duplicate meta tags or HTML titles on a page. It’s a syntax error. Now the browsers don’t care, nor does the end users as they don’t see these.

The HTML5 specifications don’t allow for duplicates so there’s no proper way for crawlers to process them. Should they use the first occurrence or treat it like CSS and use the last? Since you should only have one of each type there’s no right answer.

The last research (yes there are folks testing this) showed Google uses the first hit for descriptions and title. Now that could change tomorrow as there technically should only be one, so there’s no right way to have multiples.

As for SEO helper, I don’t have the new version. The old one that came with F1 produced a HTML title not a meta tag for title.

You can have any meta tags you want. HTML5 allows you to define your own. Now no one but you would know what they are, so search engines and social media like Twitter and Facebook wouldn’t use them.

My guess is that the SEO helper produces a HTML title tag. That’s the one that’s important, not only does the browser use it but search engines might display that on the SERP.

The important thing to do is make sure you only use one (SEO helper or built in RapidWeaver) and not both.

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Thanks so much for that informative explanation :slight_smile:

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As I said to you on your WS Community post… SEO Helper Basics does not add a page title tag. This is because RW does indeed already put this on the page and it’s 100% something that you want to be unique on every page. there is a Title tag stack inside SEO Helper if you really wanted to manage that data inside SEO Helper though.

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Thanks @joeworkman though I noticed that when i add the page title stack to SEO helper it prompts the duplicate meta tag warning even when there is no entry in the RW Browser Title field in page settings… I think this is because even if you don’t enter anything here RW generates its own HTML title tag based the page name… not a big deal … so will just use the RW Browser Title field for my page title but cant see a use for the Page Title in SEO Helper unless there is another way to stop RW generating its own.

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