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I suspect that this problem is due to the fact that there is no tax in the title tag of the pages that Rapid Weaver creates. These are ultimately auto-generated. However, when the pages crawled by Moz no code his sown on several pages and this ultimately negatively impacts on the search results. I have enclosed a report from Moz as PDF files. I have also attached screenshots of the relevant pages showing that these pages, in fact, do have titles inserted in them. I suspect this is causing us not to rank in search engines.!

Happy to email over the reports and screenshots as the form software is not allowing me to upload them. Does anyone know the code that should be put in the page and is this in the head tag of each page?

Without seeing what you are talking about it’s difficult to say.

You should be able to drag the screenshots into the post if they aren’t to large.

If not put a link to something li Dropbox to the files.

This is a public forum so there’s no email address to send anything.

Thanks, Doug

The reports from Moz say [No title]

Looks like you have a title on the screenshot above.
URL to the page would help.

Here are some examples


If I typed the link correctly
I’m seeing a bunch of strange meta tags:

Don’t know where the came from but they don’t look right with the names of the meta tag enclosed in Double {}.

That aside, on the pages in question in the “page Inspectors” General settings do you have something filled in?

Although it is good practice to have a Browser Title on pages, it shouldn’t affect the ranking at all. It might affect what gets displayed on the SERP when you get found, but search engines haven’t used “title” for years in the ranking.

I agree that there there, I wonder why they’re not been picked up by Moz in their report? As you can see the Moz reports are clearly showing no title. This could be a problem but the report or alternatively it might be how it picks up the code. I think I will also need to query this with Moz and revert to you if I obtain an intelligent response.

No There is no title tag in the one page I looked at, the Title MOZ is taking about would look like this:

<title>A Browser title</title>

You have a OG:meta title as well as a Twitter:Title:

<meta property="og:title" content="Expert Witnesses and Psychologists: Mental Health Assessments and Medico-Legal Reports by Top Psychologists In London & Throughout the UK">
<meta name="twitter:title" content="Expert Witnesses and Psychologists: Mental Health Assessments and Medico-Legal Reports by Top Psychologists In London & Throughout the UK">

Then you have the “stuff” my screenshot shows above that I don’t know where it came from or what it does, but there is no title in the page I Listed above.

Within Rapidweaver, the <title> tag comes from the Browser Title".

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I just wanted to understand where this title that Moz are talking about should go. I understand that the title tag which Moz are talking about does in fact come from the browser title, I assumed that there was no need to add the code initially. However, in may well be that the Moz Page optimisation tool looks for the title in the traditional place for a title tag, bearing in mind that Rapid Weaver is a more specialised product; and they may be based on the searches on what one would normally expect to find on other platforms such as WordPress?

I think the open graph and Twitter title sometimes does not show in some reports of our website. However, these are been added in through the new function that you have two of them.

What was the page that you found no title on?

Has no tHTML title tag. If you look at the page inspector I’m sure it’s blank.

This Page Has a Title Expert Witness UK | Expert Witness London | Expert Witness UK

<title>Expert Witnesses</title>

So if you look at the page inspector you will probably find Expert Witnesses under the browser title.

Thank you for your helpful response, can you let me know what I should do in simple terms to correct this step by step? Should I be putting the title in the HTML code which I showed you in the first screen shot? If so how? Please remember that I am not a programmer by training!

The Browser title needs to be filled out in the page inspector on each page.

2019-07-14_12-58-25 https://forums.realmacsoftware.com/uploads/short-url/sOaoYdgo8NaLLXMgoVuVyzl832H.jpeg

That should create the title tag for you when you republish the page.

Looking at the screenshots you gave above you have code in the head section. Hard to read in the screenshot but where did you get that from?
That might be what’s generating the strange meta tags on the page.

Thank you for getting back to me. I can confirm that the meta tags have been filled out for the browse the titles as per your picture. However, the relevant title tag still not been generated. The other tags that you refer to relate to different codes for reducing click fraud on the site and linking the site to directories. This problem has been in existence before those codes have been added.

Don’t know what else to tell you.
I’ve tested adding browser title field and it works. It adds the title tag correctly.

These pages:

Are showing title tags. In the Page Optimization screenshot you posted before they did not. Did you make changes? Did you re-run the test?

I think we need to be clear about which title tags are you referring to here. I think the ones that you’ve tested on the screenshot are the Twitter and Facebook tags. Is not entirely clear which tags the MOZ report is referring to. If you have an email I would be more than happy to email you the files or share the Dropbox link with you. Alternatively, if you’re able to discuss over the phone that would be great. Please let me have your thoughts as it would be good if we could resolve this finally.

Thank you again for your help and very useful commments

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