Bug Report: Wrong URL for CSS file on Blog Archive page

@simon: Seems that the CSS file for the blog archive page(s) has a mis-linked URL. If you check the error message in the web inspector on this page you’ll see the consolidated CSS file is not correct for these page(s): https://elixirgraphics.com/previews/tesla-pro/samples/blog/files/archive-july-2014.html

Thanks for this. If you can send us something reproducible we can get it fixed (e.g. a project that demonstrates the issue).

FYI: Bug reports are best emailed to me - dan@realmacsoftware.com, that way I can deal with them. I can’t keep tabs on everything posted in the forum.

I can send the project file, but I’m not sure it will do any more good than the URL above. The URL above shows the error and how RW is mis-linking the CSS file for the page. I will send the project file for that site to you now.

cc: @simon

I am experiencing the same issues (RW 7.1 blog publishing issues), I’ve had to to a 301 redirect on my website to work around it… I also e-mailed Dan & support directly on 10/29 about the issue so hopefully something’s being done about it… I didn’t include a project file for several reasons, including the one Adam mentioned…

I have sent this as a bug report recently (to support@realmacsoftware.com). It only occurs, in my case, when “File Links Are: Relative to Website Address” is set for the project. This results in the prefixing the “…/” in front of the “http”

@wirrah This must have been recently added in 7.1 as I didn’t have this problem before and never touched the “relative to…” settings. Worth a try! @dan, I directly e-mailed you and support over a week ago, still haven’t heard back…

Ah this is the same issue… here’s another example I’ve posted couple of days ago…