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Hi everyone, I’m a new user of Rapidweaver and I don’t have power skill around this tool.
I already purchased Stacks and Foundry, in order to maximise the customisation of my website.

I need to build a result page. So basically I have an external database which I manage by MySQL, provided from an Hosting service.

My question are:

  1. which stack allow me to have access to an external database and set which table use?
  2. which stack allow me to add a search box with a search engine in which I can optimise the query necessary to return the articles in a result page?
  3. how can I show a results page after the search box, and allow to the user to comeback to the home if it’s necessary or to use the same results page to search other articles or improve the search keys?

Many thanks in advance for your patience and support



Thanks Jannis - appreciate the heads up :slight_smile:

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Take at look at my suite of stacks called EasyDB:

  • They can either set up a new table or pull from an existing table (w/ a few minor tweaks usually)
  • You can filter by whatever field you wish to narrow down the results
  • Results can be on the same page. If you want visitors to look in detail at a specific record then you can set up FreeForm Pro to allow them to go to a detail page and display as much info on that record as you wish and of course a button link back to the main page can be setup.
    You are more than welcome to download the Lite versions out for a test and see if it’s what you want. If you have any problem, please contact me through my site and I can do a screen share w/ you.


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Hi Ale,

What purpose is the sql table for? Do you want the table contents to be searchable or your site or everything?

Hi Paul,
thanks for your interest.

In practice I have to build a price comparison site.

I have a database that aggregates a large number of articles sold on different sites, once a user has searched with a keyword for the article of interest, I must return results by taking the values present in the various columns.
Furthermore, once there will be a list of articles, I must have the possibility to put them in order or filter them.

Do you have some suggestion?
Many thanks in advance

Hi Bill,

thank you so much for your answer.
Could I contact you by email or chat with you in order to deep your answers?

Many thanks

Hi @Sshamee

You are anyone who is interested can contact me through my website:


Hi Paul, hi everyone,

about the possibility to do this task, I need even the following possibilities:

  1. connection: I need to setup more than one connection to DB (for example two different databases)
  2. dataset: I need to write a personalized “query” as dataset (for example a personalized query with a join between two tables)
  3. filters: I need to use a combo box based on views or queries


Bill’s EasyDB stacks are pretty much the only game in town for RW and databases, so probably best to speak to him to see if it can serve your needs. There was another stack, by Kuler solutions, but the dev is no longer selling that stack nor involved with RW.

The only other solutions for data I have seen are ones that use GSheet or Airtables as data sources. As you already have tables that somehow collect and aggregate data indoubt these options would work for you.

There was one stack, being worked on by the dev behind the Airtable stack, to integrate with FileMaker Pro but don’t think it’s released yet.

Hi Paul,

we already spoke with Bill and we can’t use EasyDB because some functionality are missing.
I fear the only way to make something professional is to change software, rapidweaver is not the right tool for our project.

Thanks for all

If you’re open for an alternative solution solution, there is a free Airtable stack. Developed by Tim Dietrich:
You could export/import OR use Zapier to port the data from MySQL to Airtable and access it from there.

And an alternative for Airtable is to move the data to Google Sheets and use the Gsheet stack by Weavium:

It’s worth checking out both demos as it might be what you’re looking for.

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This looks very promising, I was looking for a cheap and simple solution without coding and maintaining my own stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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