Looking for file sharing stack that requests email address

(Tim York) #1

I’m looking for a file sharing stack that asks people for their email address before they download something from my site

(Joe Workman) #2

My Post Office stack allows you to display content after a user submits their email to subscribe.

(Joe Martin) #3

I love @joeworkman stuff…but a simple 2 line form with a redirect to the page with the download would work.

(Tim York) #4

Thanks Joe, I’ll take a look at it…

(Tim York) #5

Hi Joemart, I’m relatively new to using Rapidweaver so I’m not entirely sure what you mean - when you say ‘simple 2 line form’ do you mean a contact form?

(Joe Martin) #6

Take a look at this…very simple…

I used Stacks and FormSnap.

(Tim York) #7

I’m sorry but I’m still confused as I don’t see how your example relates to a download I want to make available to someone, provided they give me their email address.

Sorry… I really appreciate you helping - if it’s possible to elaborate…

I want to make it as simple as possible for people - they click on on a link and provide their email address, then they can download the file… Like I’ve had to do so many times myself on other websites. Is there not am easy way to do this? A dedicated stack? It seems like a common scenario on websites…

(Joe Martin) #8

Try this link…FormLoom4…after the form is submitted, a receipt is sent with the file attached.

(Joe Martin) #9

The page with the download link is only visible if they send the form.

(Tim York) #10

Thanks Joe, that makes more sense. Only trouble is it’s quite expensive ($50) and requires RW7 and 10.12 - I’m mostly using RW6 and 10.9.5.
But what was the first example you mentioned - ‘a simple 2 line form with a redirect to the page with the download would work.’ How would I set that up?

(Joe Martin) #11

I used FormSnap…

You could put a link to the form page and a link on the download page back to where you want the user to go.

(Tim York) #12

Oh, thanks so much for showing me this! this is making more sense now.
And Formsnap supports RW6/10.9
Also, your original example worked this time - I must have been doing something wrong.
Thanks for your help (and patience)!

(Joe Martin) #13

No problem…yell if you need anything.

(Tim York) #14

Thank you!


If I were setting this up I would want the file sent to the email address they are entering. If people can simply supply an email address and directly download your file you will get many bad email addresses.

(Tim York) #16

Excellent point, JohnJ, thank you.
(That seems to be the way the Formsnap method works that joemart shared above).

(Joe Martin) #17

As far as I can tell…FormLoom 4 is the only form object that can do that.

(Davide) #18

I have to say, Post Box is one of those stacks that I use in EVERY website I do, it automates the process of subscrbing the email to a mailing list that you can set up for free with mailing services such as MailChimp, for istance. And you can also provide the downloadable content you need, right after subscription with a nice animation box appearing with whatever stack you want to throw in.

(Tim York) #19

ah yes, I was wrong, Formsnap doesn’t do it like that…

(Joe Martin) #20

Take a look: http://www.ibize.com/quicksend/
Updated link!
That is FormSnap with an attached file…as soon as you enter the email address…it sends a receipt with the file attached…the file has to be in the resources area.
Hope this helps.

I added a few updates to my sample…Foundation, Top Menu, Expose lightbox…works well.
Sends the required file to their email…but if they enter a bogus email they get nothing.