Call to Action Stack by Joe Workman

Does anyone have experience using this stack? I’d like to add a pop-up upon page exit that solicits a customer’s e-mail. I can’t figure out how to do this with the stack. The stacks settings refer to (disappointingly) other stacks, for example, JW’s Expose, but I don’t see how this would integrate for the purpose I am trying to accomplish.


Did you get a chance to look at this:

Not sure if you’ve seen it but Joe has a pretty good intro/explanation video here:

Otherwise, the CTA stack is more about the behind the scenes stuff, and the actual pop-up is taken care of by existing stacks. I’m using it in a demo site and seems to work well (not exactly in the form you’re using it though). Mine uses Glider and is on page load (not exit)

Yes. The problem, of course, is that it is impossible to know which stacks work with the JW CTA stack. The nine mentioned (eight may or may work with non-Foundation sites) do not, at least at an initial glance, have e-mail collection functionality. I know you can drop in a Javascript link to a company like, but if they discontinue their product line or go out of business, there goes your CTA. It’s still not clear whether the JW CTA is an overall framework (that is, must come first, all other stacks must reside within the CTA framework) or whether it can simply reside, like other stacks do, anywhere on the user-defined page. And what about integration with themes? Does the CTA stack go right after the theme’s header, or could it reside somewhere else? I can easily find Wordpress themes with this functionality, but once again, the RW universe is trailing behind.

I’ve used email forms inside of Focus for what it’s worth. But it was a Foundation form and it sounds like you’re not using that.

With so much time invested in Bootstrap I’d rather avoid learning another framework. RW’s roots are in iWeb: simple web construction. Having to read manuals for stacks is evidence of how far away we are from those roots.

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