Builtin Blog iFrame?

Is it possible to put an iframe in some of my builtin blog pages in Rapidweaver?

Yes. Explained here. General description, not strictly RW.
What are you displaying?
If it’s a YouTube or other video you want to display you simply copy the embed code from the share area and paste it into your page.
Or are you wanting something else?

I’m displaying an ObjectVR image … a 3D “inverse” panorama.

It’s just not obvious to me how I can put html code within a specific built-in blog post in Rapidweaver.

I tried this:

and get the following error.

Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server

We can’t see what you tried.
If you want to post code on the forum you need to select it and Mark it as prefomatted text(the </> above where yopu type).

Whoops …

I tried this.

<iframe src="https://hpaobjectvr.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/ArvanisCarving.html"></iframe>

in the body of built-in blog post.

I suspect the issue is I can’t put html directly in a built-in blog post. Correct?

I think I figured it out … I just had to tell Rapidweaver to format this as html code.

Thanks everyone.

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