Is it possible to insert i-frames into a page made in Rapidweaver 7?

Hi, I recently acquired Rapidweaver 7 and would like to add an i-frame into a page. but in the coding section there does not appear to be an option to add i-frames. I am in no way a developer, or coder so would appreciate knowing if there is a way to do this. Many thanks.

I don’t have RW7 but isn’t there an iFrame page type anymore? There used to be.

If not, do you have the Stacks plugin? If so, then Embed - a free stack - will let you add an iFrame to your Stacks page.


Thanks Rob, I’ll do that. I’m not sure which of the options you suggest are available in version 7, but I now know what to look for. Much appreciated.

There still is the iFrame page type in RW7.

Thanks Doug. I must say for someone new here I am very impressed with the speed, courtesy and relevance of the help offered by fellow members. Not something you find in forums that often.

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