How to use iFrame plugin

I want to put 3 videos on my website. I can’t find anything in the reference manual or Knowledge base that mentions anything about iFrame, much less how to use it. It’s a plugin, but where to I put the YouTube URL address for my videos? I have only RapidWeaver. I have added nothing else so far.

For adding videos (assuming you are not using Stacks), you could use a Styled Text page, and then insert the html embed code from the YouTube video.

There’s a small bit about it on page 38 and 39 of the manual:

Also, see this discussion.

Thank you Jason. I don’t know how to “insert the html embed code”. Is there a place to put it. I read the pages and it says something about adding code so it doesn’t interfere with the template. There is a learning curve here and I am clueless. Also, I have Dyslexia, so learning to do HTML is out of the question. The manual gave some “simple” code to add, but I don’t know how to use it.

I would prefer not to have to purchase the YouTube Gallery, but if I do, I have no clue what to do after I pay for it. They have no tutorial for it and I can’t find anything in the manual to explain how to add these 3rd party gadgets. I’ve never done anything like this before.

Hi johnna,

First off, what is the page type you are using that you want the video(s) on?

Do you have the Stacks plugin or no?

What theme are you using?

Can you provide a URL to the page or a screen shot, along with the position you want the video?

This will help us tell you the best method to use to include the videos.

I would like to use a Styled Text page, and then insert the html embed code from the YouTube video. I will do what ever works. No I don’t have Stacks or anything other than just the RapidWeaver program. I don’t know how to add anything else. I was looking at YouTube Gallery, but it says you need Stacks 3. I have looked around but I can’t find that and I am totally clueless what to do if I did. I am using Voyager. I would like to put it just below the banner. The banner height is 640 px. The Youtube video address is In the manual it says “To ensure your code appears as you expect, you should identify blocks of code as such by choosing Format > Ignore Formatting. By using this option, you’re telling RapidWeaver not to alter or stylise the content.”
I know there must be more code needed than that. Like < and > on the ends, etc. I tried looking at my old website source code, but it has nothing like this anywhere in it that would give me a clue. I don’t want to blow up my website, which isn’t published yet, and undo a week of work. Thank you very much for your help.

You can get Stacks 3 on the Yourhead Site. I would suggest getting that plugin, it will make RapidWeaver 100% better!

If I understand you correctly, the code you need is:

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Paste that into your Styled Text page and then preview the page. If it doesn’t work, go back to Edit mode, then Highlgiht the code with your mouse pointer and open the Format menu and choose Ignore Formatting. Then preview again.

Let us know if that works.



Using Rob’s steps should get the video to appear on your page, @Johnna . His point about ‘Ignore Formatting’ is an important one.

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And just as a side note, you get the embed code on youtube by clicking the share button then select embed and the code will be ready to copy.

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Oh, fabulous! That’s wonderful. It works! Thank you so much. I found “Ignore Formatting” shortcut in the manual - Command (.) It turned pink. Now I am going to try putting a video on a blog.