HTML / iFrame issues

Using RapidWeaver 6, I’m having some issues where the simple HTML isn’t working for an iFrame. Is there anything unusual that needs to be done? I can just make a simple HTML document on my computer, and it works fine, but it’s struggling to work within RapidWeaver, with the exact same HTML copy/pasted in. I’ve tried both HTML and text with the “ignore formatting” option.

There are some other unusual formatting concerns too; table cells not ending, etc. Hard to explain, but I’m just wondering if there is something that needs to be done to make the HTML function like it would when just put in a txt editor and viewed in a browser.

I’ve searched and searched and can’t seem to find a solution. Any help would be much appreciated!

Version of RW?

What Theme?

What kind of Page (HTML, Styled, etc)?

I have no issue with html code in RW.

A screenshot would be useful :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the fast reply, Brad!

RW 6.0.2. Using the Summer theme (I think…) and it’s a styled page I guess, but I’m just trying to put some HTML code in it.

This is quite strange - I just tried it again and it worked…I rewrote all the code, so there must have been some little mistake that I missed. Probably one of those annoying things where I looked and looked and couldn’t find a missing " or something!

Thanks again for the quick reply, I think it kinda solved itself!



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