Bullets does not work in paragraph stack?

This occurs in both Joe’s Foundation Paragraph and BWD Paragraph Pro stack. i had some text typed out in it and whenever I added a bullet list, the text would not show up anymore unless I take the bullet out of the paragraph.

Is it a bug?

Bullets in Paragraph Pro and Foundation Paragraph - simply added using the stacks list button as I presume you have done - all working fine.
Paragraph Pro even has controls for the bullet position and type if you want to further customise it.
Simple RW project file:

The button list at the bottom? it what I used to add the bullet. Strange… I tried your RW file and it shows up for me in preview but mine won’t

I am going to try it again.


I can add and remove bullets on your files but not on mine. I must have an another of those perfect storm again :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok the text is there but it matches the background color when I add bullet. When I change the color again after adding the bullets, the bullet does not show up.

Then you must have lists set to be the background color.

Remember that block level items such as <ul> or <ol> cannot reside inside a paragraph <p>. The browser will therefore break them out of the paragraph tag and the bullets will get whatever color you have set for lists - most likely in Site Styles.

OK so I’ve looked at the link you sent me and the body color is set to rgba(19, 93, 149, 1.00) which is the same as your background for those areas.

Given there is no other specific style applied to list items then they are getting the body color.

When you change the color of the text using the stacks control, this will just add spans around the text and obviously the bullets will be left at the body color.

In general you should avoid using those color controls anyway and instead rely on the styles provided by Site Styles and the custom settings in the paragraph stacks - it is music better than peppering your page with inline styles.


You are correct, the bullet was matching the site style color so I switch everything around between the main and alternative color. Bullet and the text show up now.

Good stuff. Its worth remembering about bullets and lists in paragraphs though. It can often be a good idea to use Markdown if you are doing a lot of it; the page output will then be rendered with valid HTML.


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