Button groups stack

I’m looking for a stack that performs in a similar way to @joeworkman’s ‘Share-It’ stack but with font-awesome icons, and with the ability to have more than four buttons - I need six at the moment - enabling me to link to other pages in my project.




The new search feature on the community site works very well, found this stack, might meet your needs?


Thanks @Turtle… I did search, but clearly with incorrect criteria. This looks great!

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Also the 1 Little Designer stack…, depending on the look you want…


Hey Tim, I do not remember and you did not mention it in your original post, but if you are a Foundation user, there is the button group stack which can do this as well.

Really @zeebe?! I’ll email you…

OK, I will look for that!

@zeebe… request #24625 buddy.

So… Share It uses Font Awesome icons already. You can also add as many Share It Icons stacks to the page and define whatever font awesome icon that you want. Doesn’t this do what you want?