Re-released Font Awesome stack

This one hasn’t been available for about a year. But a need recently arose in a client project to get some decent Font Awesome effects setup, so this stack was rewritten and is now available for everyone else again.

Other than the name, just about everything in this stack has changed! Featuring a new editing interface and loads-more customisable settings. Plus support for some more fanciful features; like stacked icons, rotations, shadow effects and animated mouseovers.

This stack doesn’t really need any instructions! Just drag and drop it into a page. Select the stack in edit mode and view all of its settings within the Stacks side panel. Move your mouse cursor over each setting, to read an informational tooltip about what it does. You will quickly discover there are a huge number of different options to play with! Changes to the settings take effect in edit and preview modes.

Font Awesome has loads of potential in different projects. Icons are great to display in column headings, as clickable buttons or floated with content wrapping around. The icons are all retina display optimised. Support for shadows, RGBa colours and stacked icons gives you the creative freedom to produce some “awesome” effects.

Click here to see some examples and to download the free demo version.


I’ve just bought this and it’s great, but I forgot to check if it will work with FA5 when it’s released.

The stack requests Font Awesome via the Stacks plugin.

Currently as of October 2017, Stacks 3.5 is using Font Awesome version 4.7.0.

No hard-coded calls are made to Font Awesome any more, per API recommendations.

I do not envisage there being any compatibility issues with Font Awesome 5 or Font Awesome Pro (or other variants). If there are, then this would be something to contact Yourhead Software about.

Likewise if Font Awesome gets updated and you want to see the latest version in the Stacks, the Stacks plugin would need to be updated.

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