Button to open hidden content

So I’m wanting a button to open hidden content, it’s really a form that opens up that the user fills out. The code that I have is generated by a third party and you paste it into your Head part of your page. The code is this:

When you preview the site a floating button follows the visitor around till you X (close) the window, which to me is a little untidy.
An example can be found here:

I want to use my own button to open up the hidden form.
Like this example the button is Plan Your Visit.

What do I need to add to my button link to make this happen?
Many Thanks

The code doesn’t show up on your post.
When publishing code on this forum you need to select it and mark it as code by selecting the code button </> above whew you type.

Ah! ok thanks!
Let try this again
<script>window.PlanYourVisit={id:"KRo25mSyrbdk"};</script><script src="https://api.churchhero.com/pyv-install"async></script>

Hopefully that worked

That code (script) will launch a new window. I would guess that churchhero.com probably has a different snippet for a static button and/or an exit intent ( launch when the user goes to leave the site).

So it was a simple # to open the window. Thanks for your help!

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