Open URL link in a new popup windows with no toolbar, status, or address bar

(Bill Fleming) #1

Is there an custom attributes to open URL links in a new pop-up windows with no address bar, toolbar and status bar when clicked?

Thank you

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Do you mean like a lightbox type of window??? Are you using a stacks page for this?!

(Bill Fleming) #3

A clean browser pop up. We have a mailing service and we have an URL of a form where our visitor can go sign up on to join our mailing list but we wanted to pop it in a clean browser where there no address bar, toolbar, etc.

I tried adding
toolbar no
menubar no

it didn’t work


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #4

So something like this:

but with a place to put a mailing service signup form in?? This is for stacks pages though, not other type of pages.

If you use Call to Action, you will also need a lightbox stack like the ones that are listed on the integrations page:

(Bill Fleming) #5

The mailing sign up form was create on Emma mailing site and we were provide an URL with a simple form to link it to our sign up button on our website. Before we used a javascript code to pop up a small browser windows with that link and sign up form appears in it for anyone to fill it up but they are actually signing up on Emma website in a pop up browser

I would upload a screenshot but I don’t see any upload button in this post.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #6

Drag and drop to add an image.

(Rob D) #7

If I understood you properly, you could also use something like PopDrop from @tav .

(Doug Bennett) #8

I would agree with Rob on PopDrop, but not knowing what code you want to embed it’s hard to say.

(Bill Fleming) #9

No code just an URL

Like this URL from Emma mailing list

(Doug Bennett) #10

That’s just a link. Looking at Emma, they offer several options other than the link:

They have a link (what you just gave) a pop-up, iFrame, or JavaScript object. Depends on what you want, but looks like you get the code from them. The link you have above could be used to link to that page.

(LJ) #11

you can do this with a subdomain - as e2ma have done. It’s not a pop up though.

  • Create a sub domain in cPanel or whatever you use e.g.:
  • Create a one-page rapidweaver project and ensure the page is NOT visible in the navigation
  • Put your contact info in there
  • Publish to your subdomain and put a link to the subdomain wherever you wish

Job done - although why you want to do this is a mystery to me as it makes it more difficult for viewers to get back to your main site when there is no navigation. Far better to put a contact form in a lightbox stack as @zeebe suggests. That way it has a nice space of its own but is still within your main site.

(Bill Fleming) #12

I think I will try to set up a Emma sign up form in a lightbox. I downloaded the PopDrop and now trying to figure out how to set it up to pop up a lightbox with the sign up form in it.

Which code should I use from Emma to use in the lightbox pop up. Iframe?


(Doug Bennett) #13

I don’t have an account with them, so don’t know without seeing the code. An iFrame usually is part of the main page. They listed a pop up as an option, but didn’t show a sample. It’s probably html so I would look at it first.

(Bill Fleming) #14

Yes it in html . Here the html for the pop up .

<a href="" onclick="'', 'signup', 'menubar=no, location=no, toolbar=no, scrollbars=yes, height=500'); return false;">Join our list</a>

Right now I am having issue trying to get PopDrop to work to try it out.

What I have done so far is use a Foundation Button from Joe’s Foundation Stack and selected Reveal Launcher as the Button type then entered Reveal ID emmaform

Then I use a PopUp stack and entered ID emmaform and set it to Modal and Pop animation and then I dropped a paragraph in it to test it.

When I clicked on the button, the page darken but no pop up.

Did I miss a step?


(Bill Fleming) #15

I pasted in the html code above and it display the actual link not the code . I tried the bbcode [code] to get it to show up as a code not an actual functioning link but didn’t work. All it show was a grey box

(Doug Bennett) #16

When you paste code into the forum you need to select it and mark it as code.
The </> above the area you pasted in.

(Bill Fleming) #17

Ah that did the trick. Thank you teefers

(Bill Fleming) #18

Look like i need to use Button2 from Big White Duck to use it with PopDrop stack. Downloading the Button2

(Bill Fleming) #19

Yup, I had to use ButtonPlus2 to make it work in Foundation stack template


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #20

Not sure why you did not try this with the Foundation Reveal stack, which is a lightbox stack that came with Foundation, but at least PopDrop was a free stack, so you did not spend any money on it.