The blog no longer reports months and topics

As you may see at the blog no longer shows months and other information useful to navigate it.

It looks as though you have set the extraContainer3 not to display so the OPEN button for the months and topics is not visible.

#extraContainer3box, #extraContainer3, #drop, #drop:before {

display: none !important;


I don’t have this theme but does that give you a clue?


That’s very right! In fact I use the Laxis theme and that container has the activation reversed, you select it to have it not appear! At any rate now it shows, as you may see, yet the button is a quite uninformative ‘open’ and I would like to render it in a more understandable way, do you have any idea about how to do it? There apparently is not corresponding field in the preferences.

I found, I simply had to do as in the other pages by adding in the CSS field:
#drop:after {content:“Argomenti, Date e Parole Chiave”;}

For some unknown reason now when I touch the button, no overlay appears. Albeit I left everything on default, like in the other working pages. Still when connecting to the web site it does, strange issue.

I think this is a question for @MultiThemes - I’m sure they’ll be along to help soon.

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Hi, in this theme you can show the blog plugins above the posts list ( avaialble through extacontent 3) or at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot 22

this is the code for the button text

#drop:after {content:"BLOG  ARCHIVES";}

BTW: make sure to use the latest version and replublish all files of the page.

if you need further help drop me a message


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