Trouble with 'Open in new Window'

Setting ‘Open in new window’ is not working for me in current version of Safari and latest rw8.

I am using a Link button from Foundation 6 @joeworkman. I have attached grabs of the link button setting and the RW link dialog. I have used this successfully many times in the past but must be doing something terrible wrong today. Any guidance appreciated.

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 11.48.54 AM

Forgot to mention that ‘Open in New Window’ or Open in New Tab’ works as expected when done manually using control click.

Also forgot to include: News-Reviews | LifeCare Connects

I’ve just tested and it works OK for me.

What do you see when you hover over the link button? Do you see the link as ‘open in new tab’

Is this the button you mean?

If it is, the code is still showing ‘self’ as the target.

Have you done a ‘Republish all files’ from the RW File menu option?

The checkbox is ignored in the Foundation buttons. You need to choose New Window in the stacks settings. It looks like you have done that but the code on the published page (at least for the buttons that I looked at) does not have this set.

Thanks Gary and Joe. I’m re-visiting all settings with a closer examination. It may be that buttons are not pointed at the right instances. It’s complicated so I need to regroup and be more methodical. Thanks.

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