BWD Buttonbar not working as expected

Hi all, my site is here:

With Andrew’s help some time ago I set up the navigation menu using button bar, but for some reason now when I click on the ‘residential’ button, the dropdown briefly works and shows the submenu but then it backtracks, can anyone suggest why this might be happening?

@tav can you help at all? It’s when I’m on a desktop. Ooh actually also on a tablet and mobile.

I don’t see Button Bar on BWD site?

Hm interesting. How do I get more information about a particular stack that’s on the page?

Drop me an email on the BWD support address to open a ticket and we’ll deal with it from there when I’m back this evening. Thanks.

P.S. One thing you can try in the meantime is to take ButtonBar out of the Foundation Structure stack - does that make a difference?

If I take buttonbar out entirely I’ll need to pop in a regular navmenu stack instead right? Otherwise nothing will show up.

I didn’t receive a support ticket - do you not want me to look at it?

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